I would like to invite you to EUROCORR 2018 which will be held in Cracow, Poland. EUROCORR 2018, Europe’s most renown corrosion conference, normally brings together members of international corrosion societies from about 25 European countries and outside Europe and it will focus on the leading anticorrosion technologies of industrial interest. On behalf of the Polish Corrosion Society which has been charged with the organization of Eurocorr 2018 we would like to offer you an opportunity to actively join us in this event either as  Conference participants, or lecturers. If you are coming as exhibitor, it will be an outstanding chance for your Company to show your achievements.  The scientific program of EUROCORR gives you an opportunity to be aware of the most recent and reliable scientific results, as well as of the industrial achievements and to take part in the development of new standards and regulation in the corrosion control. Last but not least, outstanding Authorities in the field will be present and available for discussions. The Program will include plenary lectures, keynote talks, invited as well as submitted lectures, meetings of the 22 Working Parties specializing in a wide range of corrosion topics (please see the enclosed list).

This edition of EUROCORR will also hold specially conceived Workshops. High visibility will be given to the contributions of young scientists and students, including reduced rates and devoted events. It is the tradition of EUROCORRs to invite the outstanding small and big industries in the field to exhibit their products, technologies, test methods and to share their experience concerning: corrosion science, electrochemical methods, surface analysis, spectroscopy and microscopy, corrosion monitoring, non-destructive testing and corrosion protection by means of coatings, advanced corrosion resistant materials, inhibitors, electrochemical ways of protection, and others. Set in the scenery of the city of Cracow, the crossroads of silk and amber roads, we shall provide you with accompanied cultural and social events. It’s our pride and pleasure to invite you to be our welcome guests in Cracow at the occasion of the most important event in corrosion in 2018: you’ll have a glance to one of the most charming historical and pleasant town in the world, with our engagement to make your stay as nice and profitable as possible.

















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